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Dance styles within ESB Progression

Ballet dancer in pose
Young ballet dancer


Junior Program

Young children have the opportunity to combine creative dance and ballet technique to begin their dance classes in a fun and interesting way!!

Experienced Dancers – Ballet Progressions

This program was designed by Margaret Flynn so that students can continue their ballet training in a progressive, structured and artistically challenging program. The classes feature interesting exercises both at the barre and center with an emphasis on furthering dancers’ training in a fun and dynamic way.

Cecchetti and RAD Syllabi and International Exams

Students who are committed to a more intensive training program may be eligible for Cecchetti or RAD classes and examinations. Students take several classes each week to learn and prepare the work to an International standard and may be selected for these examinations. We offer classes Grade One to Advanced 2


Ballet Classes are enhanced by Non Syllabus, Variations, Pointe, Character and Repertoire work at the appropriate levels.


All dancers studying ballet at the Edmonton School of Ballet (except those who begin in January classes) will perform at the Annual Spring Show. Most of the younger students will learn their choreography in class time; however, older students and students in the ESB Preparatory Program will have an additional class for choreography. These Variations/Preparatory classes will be used to learn choreography for the Spring Show and other performances, as well as for festivals and competitions (where appropriate.) As well, all students will be required to attend some extra rehearsals for the Spring Show Performance.

Why Ballet?

Ballet is the foundation of most dance genres and is an important part of young artists’ training. Ballet teaches posture, agility, flexibility, strength, musicality, expression and more! We recommend all students start with ballet as the basis of their training.

Which Ballet Class to Choose?

Choosing a class can be a daunting task, particularly if you are new to the world of dance!
Don’t worry, we are here to help you select the class(es) that best suit your age, interest level and experience. As ballet is the cornerstone of most other forms of dance, let’s start there; the chart below will give you an idea of what level ballet to register for.

# of Yrs
3-15 years old16 yrs +
0Beg. 3 yrsBeg. 4-5 yrsBeg. 6-9 yrsBeg. 10-14 yrs/teenAdult Beginner
1--------NurseryJunior 1Junior 2Junior 3Ballet 5Ballet 6Adult Experienced
2 - 3--------PrimaryJunior 1Junior 2Junior 3Ballet 6Ballet 7Adult Experienced
4 - 5----------------Junior 2Junior 3Junior 4Ballet 7Ballet 8Adult Intermediate
6 - 7------------------------Junior 4Ballet 5Ballet 8Ballet 9Adult Intermediate
8 - 10--------------------------------Ballet 6Ballet 9Ballet 10Adult Advanced
Age3 yrs4-5 yrs6-7 yrs8-9 yrs10-11 yrs12-13 yrs14-15 yrs16 yrs & up

Please note that these are guidelines only based on students’ age and experience.

We invite you to call or email our office and allow us to assist you in determining which classes will best suit your needs.

Ballet Programs

General Program

If you are interested in quality training but only want to commit to 1 or 2 classes per week, then this is the program for you! All teachers are highly qualified and committed to providing superior, challenging instruction.

Preparatory Program

If you are interested in pursuing dance at a more intensive level. The program is a set compliment of classes that challenges students to reach their potential.

Preparatory Program (by audition only)
Preparatory ClassBalletBalletJazzModern
Junior 3 PrepJunior 3--------Junior 3 Jazz--------
Prep 1Junior 4 & Cecc Grade 1--------Jazz 1A--------
Prep 2Cecc Grade 2RAD Grade 2Jazz 2AModern 2
Prep 3/4Cecc Grade 3 or 4RAD Grade 3 or 4Jazz 3A or 4AModern 4

Want to try other dance styles?

After selecting a ballet class, we encourage you to try other styles. We teach the following:


Jazz uses uptempo and current music to explore rhythms, dynamics and energetic movement. This is a fun way to enhance training and improve both flexibility and strength.

Jazz dancer


Using special shoes for sound production, rhythms and accents are performed with the feet and ankles. Music can range from old standards and Broadway to current styles!

Hip Hop

This style has developed from street dances and urban influences. Current music tracks enhance the use of the body to accent the movement in this class. Fun and uptempo this class is a way to expand movement vocabulary and dynamics!

Young flamenco dancer

Character National Flamenco

Character and National work is taught in conjunction with our RAD syllabi.

Flamenco is a vibrant and exciting cultural dance of Spanish origin. Adding this class to your schedule is a great way to experience music and movement in a form rich with history and artistry.


This form includes floor work, extensive use of the spine, and varied dynamics. Classes work on interdependent movement between dancers and so teamwork is a must!


Students with experience in jazz techniques can add Lyrical classes to their schedule. Lyrical, often called contemporary, combines movements from ballet, jazz and modern to express emotions through dance.

Adult dance classes

Adult Classes

We offer a wide variety of adult classes. Adults in these classes learn technique, combinations that improve strength and flexibility, and learn about dance as an art form and athletic activity.

There are many reasons why people choose to take adult dance classes at the Edmonton School of Ballet. Many adults take up dance to learn more about what their own children are studying and enjoying. Others are interested in re-visiting a dream of their youth. Still others are looking for a new form of fitness that challenges not just their body, but their intellect as well. We also see dancers who danced in their teens and are hoping to continue to take classes while working or studying and want to be in a class with other adults instead of younger children.

Vimy Dance Academy

Vimy Ridge Academy is a Junior High and High School under the Edmonton Public School Board Domain and is run by the Edmonton School of Ballet Society, a non-profit group. The Dance Program is just one of many great options for students of Vimy Ridge.

Vimy Academy of Dance

Teacher Training

The Edmonton School of Ballet offers a teaching course in the Junior Grade Syllabi as the first step in teacher training. This course is open to anyone 15 years old and up who has achieved a Grade 6 Cecchetti exam or equivalent. The Edmonton School of Ballet offers a comprehensive teacher training program for those individuals looking to study further and obtain internationally recognized qualifications as dance teachers. This program is typically three years of full, daytime attendance, but may be more or less depending upon the experience and qualifications of the individual.

The Program encompasses theory, practice and experience in a broad range of dance disciplines, ensuring students graduate as well-rounded, internationally qualified teachers.

Adult dancers of a pre-professional or professional level come to ESB to study in a three-year full-time program, which culminates in the exam for the Associate degree in the Cecchetti International Classical Ballet. This teaching credential is recognized internationally and is equivalent to a Bachelor Degree in university and college.

Highly qualified teachers instruct classes, which include fundamentals in Ballet, Modern Dance and Jazz Dance and the many related subjects, which enrich each of these performance disciplines such as Pointe and Repertoire.

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