Solo & Duet Performance – Sunday, April 18

Students should arrive 1 hour before the performance and buzz in as usual. Dancers should arrive with hair and make-up completed and in costume. Dancers will be assigned to studios for warmup. We ask that parents remain in your car while the student prepares. Parents may enter the school 15 minutes before their dancer’s performance. Please come up the west stairs and wait at the indicated spots. Parents will be called to watch their child perform. We ask for a maximum of two family members to attend in person. A free recording of your dancer’s solo will be provided to you after the event. Please remove your shoes upon entry, as viewing will take place just inside the Studio 1 door. 

Immediately following each performance in Studio 1, parents will exit the building via the East stairwell (and can go out the West doors on the main floor). Dancers will proceed to Studio 3 for pictures. Dancers should have 3 prepared poses for photography. Each dancer will only have 5 minutes with the photographer, so they must be ready.

Photos can be purchased directly through Artistic Creations. A link for proof and ordering will be provided after the event. 

Dancers will exit through the East stairwell and then travel to the west doors on the first floor to meet their parents. If you have another solo, you will simply walk down the East stairwell and come back through the west stairwell to line up at your appointed time.

It is recommended that all dancers have a skin tone mask for performance. Dancers in studio 1 will be masked, photos will be unmasked. All parents and staff will remain masked at all times in the building. You can purchase a skin toned mask at this link: 

Please note this is a full performance – costumes, hair and make-up! 

We are so excited to see our dancers “on stage” and to provide them with a limited audience so that parents can see their dancer perform!!